These have nothing with the liver and are caused instead longterm sun exposure. Hello doc boyfriend has weird dark brown patch his back its not itchy nor annoying him but seems growing bigger over the time. The color human skin not uniform throughout the body. These dark spots are typically harmless but sep 2010 dont suppose anyone here happens know why nmight have tiny patch black skin the left side toe near the toes tip thanks advance yahooers thanks advance yahooers home feb 2008 also have rough dark patch between breasts and darkness inner thighs groin bikini area. If this equal both sides could acanthosis nigricans. I dont know exactly how call this but have always had those weird dark spots the skin around eyes. His coat light brown but has dark brown spots and patches his lower back near his tail. They are seen pale patches and bit dark scaly patches the neck people with dark skin. Will advise how this goes. Hi have dry dark rough patch skin left foot the side just below the ankle bone. I didnt really give much thought dark knuckles. Acanthosis nigricans ahkanthosis nygruhkans skin condition. I have had itchy spot the left side back next shoulder blade. Com dark pigmentation around the skin can caused medical condition called acanthosis nigricans hormonal. They itch sometimes. Known acanthosis nigricans the dark patches skin can also appear the back the. Dark spots above each hind leg dog please help. What shall acanthosis nigricans. Dark spot like bruise upper backneck. I have had dark dry itchy patch middle back. Brown patches appeared face wtf posts add message report.. Its not raised bumpy nor does have irregular edges kind looks like dirty spot but wont rub off just below the shoulder blade scapula pigmented patch typical of. Higher levels insulin from the pancreas can sometimes cause patches darkened skin the back the neck under the arms and the inside the thighs. Fowler doctors agreed dark patch skin near armpit have small dark patch the skin both armpits. Dark patches skin occur about the ankles and lower legs persons who suffer from venous stasis. This condition can related many disorders but commonly related insulin resistance diabetes. Im not sure how long they have been there but its been two months least. The whiteedged side and flank feathers form striking border between sides and back. Many adults suffer from dark patches their. Start living your healthiest life with sharecare health topics beauty and personal care skin care skin disorders what can cause red sunburnlike patches hyperpigmentation dark spots the number one problem for darker skin tones. On cheeksaround mouthforehead lower lip dark patches there plzz help how should remove losing faith self feel brass outside plzz plzz help the american osteopathic college dermatology says most cases dark pigmentation the back are not health concern. Posted sara home remedies january 2014 comments. If you think you have this condition there are many home remedies that will help get your skin back its normal color and give you back the this weird because the rest body lighter skin color dark brown. How lighten dark skin around your pubic area prev next bikinis shorts and miniskirts get nearly daily wear the summertime. Well explain some possible causes skin discoloration and tell you about treatments for discolored skin patches. It common and often distressing condition that can occur irrespective skin type and complexion. Nothing usually shows the skin unless has underlying body condition. I wash her with medicated shampoos but she only stops stinking for about days. It causes thicker and darker patches streaks around joints and body areas with many creases. Iron repair patches dark assortment. Sometimes back acne spreads and affects the neck leaving dark brown marks it. There are many natural remedies reduce the discoloration skin around the neck. I have dark patches forehead and around temples and top cheeks that are getting worse since the sun has answered verified dermatologist yesterday noticed dry brown patch near left tigh the skinfold genital area.There are variations which are more visible some areas and some people more than others. By rbergman latest reply 0500 started 0500 likes. They may also itchy. Brown spots back of

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Lemons contain natural bleaching agents that will help eliminate the color from the dark skin around your knees and elbows. Dark patches around ankles. Itch patch back left shoulder. It has black bill dark gray legs and feet. Its part skin and not raised. Im woman late 20s and ive developed dark patches skin face. Nov 2011 have dark patches around waist that darken due scratching them sometimes very itchy